$1 Beers

This past year Doug Ford has done a lot of things for the province of Ontario, some good and some well… The exact opposite. One thing he has done is promised us $1 beers. I know, prices that can finally compete with our American counterparts.

This raises the question of, “how good can a $1 beer really be?” and the answer really depends on who you are and what you like. But I think that we can all agree to some level that it probably isn’t that great.

One of the makers of dollar beers is “no name”. For those of you who don’t know, No Name is a Canadian brand that’s name is a reflection of the quality of their products. They make everything from gummy snacks to garbage bags to now beer. A brand that makes an array of products like No Name has no specialty in one product, but just makes okay to subpar versions of a lot of different stuff.

The weirdest thing about No Name beer other than the fact that people are drinking it, is that it’s actually a bit of a flex among university students. On St. Patricks day kids were drinking it like water and if you asked them what it was like the response was typically, “well it’s not as bad as you’d think” or a “meh, it’s really not thaaaaat bad.”

Now this may be any kids response to whenever they’re trying a new beer. However, this is coming from the same kids that can justify spending $60 on a bottle of Hennessy or Ciroc just for an Instagram picture and some likes.

Now why is that same generation of kids bragging about drinking a beer that is made by a brand that they would never buy anything else from. It doesn’t make much sense. It could be one of the weirdest flexes of our time, but okay. The irony of it all is what makes it that much more notable I believe.

I will give credit where credit is due though and I give big props to No Name for slapping that iconic yellow label on a beer bottle and helping out us broke university students. They are somewhat a silent legend among us kids where every dollar counts. Helping us out and cutting the beer price virtually in half is a huge power move.