AB to the Raiders is the Most Bitter Sweet Trade You'll See This Offseason

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

The Raiders needed a huge pick-up this offseason to turn that dumpster fire around before the Jon Gruden era got used and abused too soon. Snatching Antonio Brown for just a 3rd and 5th round pick is an absolute steal, considering Oakland has 3 picks in the first round alone come draft day. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal right?

Well Oakland is also making AB the highest paid receiver in the NFL, not that he doesn't deserve it, but what about Khalil Mack? He wanted to be the highest paid player in his position but you let him walk.

So Raiders fans before you cheer about this deal just know that Khalil Mack could be all yours if Oakland didn't cheap out last season. Guess they learned from their mistakes and made sure they locked in a top tier player this time around.

To win and make championship runs in the NFL you need a good quarterback, good offensive line, and a pass rush. First off, we don't even know if you trust Carr or if the Raiders were shopping him to other teams, let alone have him be your franchise QB.

Second, Dereck Carr was sacked 51 times last year, but give credit to the Raiders for picking up offensive tackle Trent Brown from New England. Who Oakland is also making the highest paid player in his position.

And Third, the Raiders have no pass rush since they got rid of Mack. The team only racked in 13 sacks last season, while Khalil got 12.5 on his own. So let me break this down again, Carr has only had one good season, got sacked over 50 times last year, and you have no pass rush.

Like I mentioned, to win you need a QB, OL, & have to pressure the quarterback. So Oakland, secure the defensive front (which you should have done with Khalil), figure your shit out at quarterback, and tighten up that o-line to prevent 51 sacks before you go looking for flashy weapons to compliment your team like a receiver.

You fucked up big time Oakland, should have gave that money to Khalil, and kept Amari Cooper if you wanted a receiving threat.

Instead you fucked yourself...But to be fair, you have to adjust to what you have now and un-fuck yourself, meaning you make a big move. Getting Antonio Brown was necessary, had to be done… just bitter sweet.

And now there are reports on the Raiders getting Le'Veon Bell too? Who is going to want to become the highest paid running back with a ton of guaranteed money? It's exciting and all to have flashy skill position players like AB and Bell, but defence wins you championships.

If Brown and Bell couldn't get it done in Pittsburgh with a Hall of Fame quarterback, what will change in Oakland when your teams bottom three in the league, and your QB hasn't been the same since he broke his leg.

Sweet deal Oakland, you got the big name receiver on a cheap trade, and might get the big name running back you want which can help you win some games finally. But instead of making Mack the highest paid guy at his position, you make AB, who says he doesn't even need to play football anymore, the highest paid WR.

Mack who is much more valuable at 28 than Brown is at 31 when the season kicks off, will forever be the one that got away. It's sad to see Oakland open up their wallets now and not before, but its just the way she goes sometimes.

Also, for those that tune into our Down to the Wire podcast, know that this deal results in Racco receiving nut-shots from John because of a bet made on air. Just bitter sweet overall to everyone involved.


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