Alex Spanos: The Thanos of Football

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

This 5'10'', 210 pound testosterone filled unit of muscle and creatine is the saviour of football as we know it. The sports intensity and peoples raw passion to rip someones head off is a dying breed (Thanks Goodell).

But while people complain about the NCAA's targeting rules, or NFL's roughing the passer penalties, there is one thing keeping die hard football fans dreams of making football great again... Alex Spanos.

You probably won't recognize the name, but his appearance has blown up around North America. Whether it's him jumping around on the sidelines more amped than a group of frat boys listening to Mo Bamba, or wearing a skin tight polo in below freezing weather, he is becoming the face of college football (Sorry Nick Saban).

He is what football needs, and the Giants should consider making a push to make him Owner, General Manager, Head of Football Operations, and Head Coach. His blue collar mentality, starting his day at 4:30 a.m. inhaling 40 grams of protein including 6 eggs and sausage fuel his 80 hour weeks of pure grit.

If words aren't enough to describe how valuable this specimen is to football, maybe this videos will do its justice:

3 Spanos Quotes That'll Make You Love Him Even More

1) When asked how big his biceps are:

"No idea"

"Not big enough... can always get bigger"

2) On why he wore a polo t-shirt on a cold frigid 28 degree (Fahrenheit) day

"“If I’m warm and comfortable, I might not be on point. I have to be engaged in the game and keep the sideline enthusiastic and passionate. If I’m wearing something uncomfortable, I’m always on my toes.”

3) While discussing the scar on his nose from an incident where he head-butted Northwestern's back-up QB... While the quarterback was wearing a helmet

Do you think its permanent?

"“I hope so,” he replied. “It’s a good memory.”

Video credits: Bleacher Report | October 27 2018

Information credits: Greenstein, Teddy | The Chicago Tribune, 10 things to know about Alex Spanos, Northwestern's sideline hype man who does not wear a 'smedium' | November 22 2018