Angry Birds

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Malcom Jenkins flips the bird to New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton

11 weeks into the season and we've got:

An electric 105 point shootout in the Coliseum

Players retiring mid-game,


Missed field goals,

And players flipping off their coaches.

Malcom Jenkins and Earl Thomas did not hide anything this season and let us know how they really feel. Along with being Super Bowl champions, the Eagle and Seahawk players also enjoy letting the birds fly on occasion. A common gesture that explains everything the victim needs to know, often a sign of friendly beef or in cases like this, a flat out fuck you.

Before people get mad at these guys and complain about them not being professionals or role models, both coaches were asking to get the single finger salute;

Pete Carroll and the Seahawks wouldn't grant Thomas his requested trade or sign him to the larger contract he was requesting. Leading to him playing through and suffering a season ending injury-- (Hence why Le'Veon Bell has been holding out).

Last week Sean Payton decided to run the score with a 37 yard dart over the top of his former safety Malcom Jenkins on a 4th and 7, to make the score 45-7... Can't be surprised why these birds were let out of the cage.

Whoever doesn't love seeing this on Sundays just isn't a true football fan, this is what you signed up for. There's nothing like a couple of passionate football dudes getting fired up, knocking heads and displaying complete animosity for 60 minutes a week.

Who doesn't love a little coach vs player beef?

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