Cringy Athlete Commercials

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Patrick Mahomes is the new face of Hunt's ketchup but I don't know if I'm sold on the 100% natural ketchup just yet. Mainly because of the brutal commercial they put together that made no sense for a few reasons.

The most embarrassing part for the likely 2018 MVP is that they have him doing curls with what looks like 25 pound dumb-bells, at best. I'm not sure if thats all the ketchup company had hanging around in their studio, or if thats all one of the best players in the NFL can handle.

Also, using your bicep is an odd method of squirting ketchup onto your dish, but that part gets overseen when trying to figure out what this guy is pouring ketchup on. It looks like a puck of mac n' cheese, or maybe a moldy omelette, whatever it is maybe next time use a more generic ketchup commercial food like a burger or fries.

in light of this commercial here are some other commercials with athletes that are guaranteed to make you laugh or cringe.

Ronaldo Japanese Commercial

Hard to find words to describe what's going on in this video.

But from what I can see in the 30 second clip is that the function of the product is to put this flimsy bar in your mouth and treat it like a shake weight for your jaw-line. Ronaldo... you can do better.

Ovechkin Being Ovechkin

This commercial is everything I expected from Ovi and more. Right from the beginning he starts singing an 'Eastern Motors' jingle with a hockey stick as a microphone. Then he can't even contain himself, as he laughs at whatever he's trying to say behind that thick Russian accent

Eastern Motors didn't even care that it was obvious they were at some dingy set, when the camera pans out you can see all the equipment, and above the plane white background

The best part is when he asks for shots of vodka, and in the following scene he has the withdrawal itches trying to give the jingle another go. Also, did anyone pick up what he's trying to say in the jingle?

Stop Freakin' Call Beacon!

This slogan is engraved in my head and makes me miss the Seattle Beast Mode days, the world's better when Marshawn Lynch is relevant.

This is somehow the most normal of the four commercials, including a fist bump with a 4 year-old, toilet removal, and him saying "You all good here" after looking completely oblivious to whats going on. So yeah he pulled off the plumber role pretty well.


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