Can Tekashi Stay Up?

Tekashi 6ix9ine was recently jailed and has remained there since his November arrest for racketeering charges. Perhaps one of the quickest rises to fame that an artist has had, Tekashi’s career has been put on hold for the time being until further sentencing which is scheduled to take place in November.

Love him or hate him you can not avoid this rainbow-haired scream rapper anywhere. His songs somehow top charts, he is always on your Instagram feed and someone is always talking about him. He is virtually everywhere.

This leads us to wonder how is he going to stay everywhere if he is in one place at all times, prison. The 22-year-old is looking at life sentences if he is found guilty on all counts of his crimes and this punishment is not really conducive for a successful musical career. He has plead guilty in a deal that makes him an informant of other crimes committed by the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, a gang he joined in 2017, for a lighter sentencing. This light sentence would help him get out quicker but would put a target on his back as a “snitch”. He will be behind bars for some time regardless.

This makes it exceptionally hard for him to release music. In his 2018 song “Stoopid” featuring Bobby Shmurda, who is locked up currently, Shmurda’s feature is obviously recorded through the phone. The quality is not great however Shmurda is one of few artists who has remained relevant following his incarceration. Perhaps Tekashi will draw some inspiration from this. However, now artists like Shmurda are condemning and blacklisting 6ix9ine for his unfaithfulness to the streets he claims he is from.

Recording an entire album through collect-calls though makes for a lot of editing and terrible quality for an entire album. The amount of work that he put out so quickly was another thing that caused his quick ascent to fame. This would also be put on hold if he is in prison. He will not be able to be on social media which keeps him out of everyone’s face, making it impossible for him to manipulate the internet into his own tool for fame.

Prison limits anyway that Tekashi has stayed relevant in our lives. This is extremely detrimental to his career which has been built so much on internet exploitation and manipulation, making catchy yet un-complex music and branding himself as the rainbow-rapper that is never not in your face. So what comes next? Who knows really. Tekashi’s life and future is in the hands of the American justice system to decide upon.