Cheetos Chicken Burger: A Little Heaven, A Little Hell

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I'm typically not the guy that dabbles in mixing foods that don't belong together. But my new found itch for chicken and waffles, and deep fried Oreo's has opened me up to trying foods that shouldn't collaborate.

KFC is supposedly testing out the idea of adding Cheetos to their menu, in the form of a chicken burger. Colonel Sanders just might have me considering revisiting since my last appearance to KFC. Which unfortunately ended with the extra purchases of scented candles and Charmin Ultra Strong.

Their signature extra-crispy chicken filet is prepared on a bed of Cheetos, drowned in a 'Cheetos sauce', along with good ole mayo... Mouthwatering.

My only concern is what are they passing as 'Cheetos sauce'? I'm thinking it could be some new sauce Cheetos invented that makes any food you want taste like a cheese puff. Or it could just be melted powder thats been scraped off the side of a handful of Cheetos. Either way sign me up, I'm still open to risking a night on the can.

Sadly for most of us, we won't be able to try and get a heart attack until this new item on KFCs menu takes-off. The sandwich is available for a limited-time test run in just a few markets. Making an appearance in just five cities across North Carolina. Virginia and Georgia.


Today | KFC is testing a Cheetos chicken sandwich | Erica Chayes Wida