European Rappers Take Beef to Boxing Ring

Updated: May 28, 2020

In North America when rappers get into a disagreement it typically results in a couple diss tracks back and forth, till eventually nobody cares and each side proclaims themselves a winner.

However, in Europe they put the words in those tracks into action and get in brawls at your local airport. But it doesn't end there, to truly settle their beef they need a formal fight inside a boxing ring... Or an octagon as the details aren't set in stone yet.

Rappers Booba and Kaaris got into a scrap in a Paris airport with their entourages this past summer, resulting in a combined 100,000 euros in fines, a month in solitary confinement, and a threat of 18 months in prison.

The tension can be cut with a butterknife, and nothing was solved as Kaaris recently told Booba to come at him, "you know where to find me". Quickly Booba replied, accepting this challenge through a video on Instagram.

Essentially what Booba said is, "I am waiting for the day, for the hour, brother. No referee, just an octagon". Along with my favourite quote of the feud, ""I'll eat your bones, I'll drink your blood".

Where has this been in America... With all the rap stars and 'beefs' over the years, why hasn't anyone thought of this. We need something like this over a couple of diss tracks back and forth that realistically go no-where. Who the fuck says 'I'll drink your blood', this is major folks. Must watch television.

Booba announced on social media a bout at the Palais 12 venue in Brussels on April 5. The manager of the Palais 12 program agenda said that, “we have indeed received a request and we are considering it”.

City authorities may be against the match between the two but if they're going to be causing scenes at airports, they may as well let them blow some steam off in a ring out of harms way.


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