Gruden With the Best PR the NFL Has Ever Seen

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Jon Gruden's had a rough year in his first season back behind the sidelines since 2008, and has received more hate than praise. However, Gruden is flipping the script in 2019 and is brining back old-school and genius football tactics.

He and the rest of his Raiders staff coached the North All-Stars in the Senior Bowl which highlights young talent coming out of college and into the draft.

Just as people thought his out-dated mind was out of touch with modern day football, he actually blew our minds with probably the smartest move we've seen since getting rid of the tuck rule.

Gruden started slapping on Raiders decals like a fat kid on a Smartie whenever someone made a big time play. This move is a double whammy because Gruden somehow made players strive to earn a Raiders logo on their helmet, despite being one of the biggest dumpster fires this coming off-season.

Not only that, but some also believe its a tactic for him and his staff to remember who the stand-outs were for the Raiders up-coming draft, in which they have three first round picks. The NFL may have found its new genius mind, and he's an old face.

This also has got everybody talking, and the people love it. This is an under-rated PR move on Gruden's part that I don't think is getting enough praise. I don't wanna say that the Raiders are going to beat out Patty Mahomes and win the AFC West next year. But with this kind of thinking, watch out for the silver in black when the Raiders pack their bags to their new home in Sin City.

Gruden just re-invented the wheel and somehow got players amped up to represent a bottom tier team. He also got the logo to be shown all over the 'NFL Network', along with social media, as people are falling in love with it. Maybe Gruden isn't so far behind after all, it may not even be a stretch to say this guys living in the future.

Aside from the stickers he also bought his players 2,000 wings due to their hard work throughout the Senior Bowl practices and training.


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