How Toronto Should Be

I know I wrote a blog about a month ago roasting Toronto sports fans for being the reason why the Leafs couldn’t get the job done. But looks like we learned how to get behind a team the right way since then, with a little help from Drake.

Talk about passion, talk about clawing your way back from a 2-0 deficit, this is what triumph feels like. Years of defeat, years of Toronto being the city that can’t get over the hump. It’s contagious as Jarvis Landry would say, but something changed and that something was Kawhi Leonard.

Toronto sports fans are the first to say “here we go again” when things get tense. Just look back to the Maple Leafs when the series with Boston was coming down to the wire. The vibes around the city were “well, could have seen this one coming”.

But there wasn’t any of that this year for the Raptors. There was no feeling of witnessing a repeat of what prior playoff runs have brought us. That’s because we had reason to believe this wasn’t going to be the same old, same old Toronto Raptors. New coach, new superstar, new vibes.

With that also came a new mentality within the fans, there was something different this year about Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park was a scene not to be missed after the Raptors won 4 straight games to advance to their first NBA Finals in franchise history. But how about beforehand? Rain or shine fans line up to enter Jurassic Park hours before the gates open, spanning over several blocks.

Most recently fans waited over 4 hours in a thunderstorm just to get a chance to watch the Toronto Raptors potentially make history. People wrapped around buildings, crowding the streets and forcing Jurassic Park to expand its capacity to nearly triple the amount of people it typically holds.

This is what a sports town is supposed to look like. Absolute mayhem and passion that runs through your veins and causes chills to run through your body.

But we’re not done yet. The old Toronto Raptors would be satisfied with a Finals berth, but we aren’t the same old, same old Raptors.

Kawhi’s ability to keep focused and stay level-headed has rubbed off on this team. He gets hated on for being quiet and not being that classic vocal leader. But we all know actions speak louder than words. Plus let’s not allow Kyle Lowry’s impact to go unnoticed, this guy gives you every ounce of effort he’s got, taking on bodies and giving you that dawg mindset you need to win games.

Kawhi is an absolute monster and the Raptors would not be in the position they’re in without him. Not to take anything away from this incredible run he’s had but this supporting cast has shown up.

I don’t care what any American analyst has to say about this team and Toronto being a one man show. Quite honestly I don’t even know if they were watching the same series that I was. But Norman Powell, Fred Van Fleet, Serge Ibaka, and others have stepped up this series. What I see is a team coming together doing their job and giving their superstar help.

Unity is the key word here. That of which is rubbing off into the city of Toronto and the country as a whole.

But we got one hell of a battle ahead of us. The Warriors are going to be the toughest challenge yet, I don’t care if Toronto swept the season series, none of that matters even a little. This is a new beast and hopefully Drake can get in the heads of Curry and Durant like he did with Giannis.

But nothing is guaranteed, don’t assume any victories, any Warriors' slipping up, don’t even think for a second that there will be a next time. We got one chance, no do-overs and as some would say, we’re in the end game now.

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