How Much Sheck do we Need? Mo

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Mo Bamba was the song that took the world by storm. You have all heard it and guaranteed you have gone absolutely apeshit when you did. The song was first recorded in June of 2017 and has gathered some weight as it has gone viral in the past year.

Mo Bamba may be the anthem of the school year as kids around the world have been seen raging to this song. This raises the question of why the song took so long to catch on? Many people will claim they’ve been listening to it way before you did because they are far more tapped into the music scene than you are. Then you can ask, why didn’t they tell us about this slapper then?

There is no real answer for that. The only conceivable one is that perhaps the song is comparable to wine, it just gets better with age. Mo Bamba checks off all boxes in the rubric of current music with a base loaded beat, non-complex lyrics and repetitive energy that drives the song. Quite like the rubric many other artists are following when creating music currently. Nonetheless, when it’s on there is not a single person who does not want to run through a wall.

Sheck Wes is one of the up and coming artist we will seemingly have for quite some time after releasing his highly anticipated album, Mudboy. Nothing has really amounted to the influence Mo Bamba has had though. We’ve all seen the videos of football stadiums erupting in chant of the song and even house-party floors collapsing in lieu of the raving associated with the tune.

But where has Sheck Wes gone?

Who knows honestly. It has been awhile since he has released anything to re-energize us listeners. His tour with Travis Scott may have played a role in his absence. However, a feature or single here and there would not hurt. Ravers, ragers and partiers alike are in need of a new anthem to blast and Sheck Wes seemed like our lord and savior but he has vanished it seems, without a trace.

This begs the question of whether he will ever be able to live up to that hype again. This question gives an obvious answer: he better. Nothing has amounted to the sheer madness that accompanies that song in the past. Harnessing that energy should be easy, it just needs to be just as chaotic and savage as before. Ravers need something new to mosh and throw elbows too. House party floors need something to cave into again. Clubs need to start shaking again. So come on Sheck, we need Mo.