Oscar 'Gift Bags' Filled With THC & CBD Goodies

In case being a famous actor or actress making millions and qualifying for an Oscar wasn't good enough, why not throw in a loot bag worth 6 figures. The $148,000 value of this years gift bags are only available for the 25 acting and directing nominees.

Inside the bags are a range of random gifts from cannabis facial oil and trips around the world. The most expensive gift being a luxury cruise for two to Iceland, the Galapagos, the Amazon or Central America—with spa treatments and a private chef included.

The combined cost of all 25 bags is $3.7 million. Keep in mind the 24-karat gold plated Oscar statuette itself is valued at $400. So essentially the little trophy is secondary to Bradley Cooper, and he's just there for the weed and all inclusive vacation.

Other items include jewelry, gourmet infused edibles, cannabis moisturizer, alcohol (a bottle of French absinthe) and up to $30,000 in rejuvenation treatments from a Manhattan plastic surgeon. Why the hell are they getting all this when it sounds like a typical week for these guys.

Other THC and CBD products include handcrafted chocolate edibles, beauty care products, and a membership to MOTA Los Angeles, which is a weed-friendly social club (starting at $2,000 a year).

This just sounds like the best gift ever but why do Hollywood stars need more access to weed jewelry, booze, and plastic surgery then they already got? Waste of a gift because these guys will just buy it all anyways.

The bags are dubbed with the slogan "Everybody Wins"... Why are we handing out participation awards to adults that are already winning in life. Also, forget the $400 award that the whole night is even about, just give me the $148,000 'gift bag'.



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