Pay the Man

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Tony Romo reportedly wants $10 million a year from CBS and could even walk away from the booth. The latter option will cut every football fan deeply if they possibly have to see Tony Romo retire twice within three years.

This number would shatter the most valuable commentator, Troy Aikman, who somehow gets paid $7.5 million a year from FOX. Meanwhile announcing legends like Al Micheals and Chris Berman make five to six million a year.

Here’s your time to shine CBS. If you want to prove to all of us football fans out there that you care about our watching experience, you will give the man what he wants. The last thing anyone needs is to revisit the chronic headaches the Phill Simms gave us when calling the shots from behind the mic. Please CBS, I really don’t want to have to go back to watching football with no volume on. It’s an awkward silence, but it’s better than listening to Phill Simms.

Romo could also hit the ‘broadcasting free-agent market’ which is weird to think exists, but ultimately makes sense with rival networks wanting Romo on their side. Simply because whatever game Romo commentates is primetime television. Three of the top five viewed games this past season were called by Tony Romo as his predictions have intrigued football fans everywhere to see him work his magic live.

However he could leave broadcasting as a whole due to outside business interests. As well, there are even reports about teams wanting him to join as a coach or even play again. The only way we would be okay with Tony leaving CBS is if we see the 38 year-old suit up again.

Could we see a Romo/Witten reunion? Everyone knows these guys left the game way too early. Now we are left with the result of them being hungry for more. Witten missed the competitive nature of the sport and wanted to compete again, while I’m sure Romo is looking at the Cowboys making playoff runs wishing it was him leading America’s Team.

Perhaps this could be a nice compromise though; what if the Cowboys get the best of both worlds. My theory is that Romo rejoins the Cowboys as a ‘player’ to back-up Dak Prescott and shape him into an elite quarterback. Which we all know is a front, because Romo’s short broadcasting career has already surpassed his 14 year NFL career in success.

But the real reason the Cowboys would bring him back is to act as a coach and predict the plays before they happen. Rather than reviewing game film to prepare against defences, he would work with the Cowboys defence to prepare for opposing offences.

Romo would then use the Sean McVay approach of talking in Jared Goff’s ear up until there’s only 15 seconds left on the play clock. However Romo would rather talk into one of the Cowboys linebackers ears until the 15 second mark. It is essentially Romo doing his normal broadcasting routine, just for an NFL team, which can only be a recipe for a championship.

All I have got to say is that CBS better pay the man, or the only other way I’ll be satisfied is if Romo slaps the pads on for one last ride, predicting the Cowboys all the way to the Super Bowl. Don’t worry Cowboy’s haters because we all know that Romo will find a way to blow it at some point as we know that history repeats itself. We just have to enjoy the ride up until that point should he re-join the Cowboys as a ‘player’.


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