Updated: May 27, 2019

This kid is the horniest motherfucker in all of Malaysia. I don’t know if the flesh light has made its way across the Pacific, but clearly there’s a demand for it.

A 16 year-old stuck his hog in a metal pipe found inside his home this past week and as you could have guessed, it got stuck. This led to the most embarrassing moment in his life, having to tell his buddies to go get help.

If this were one of my friends I would see if he could stick this one out himself (sorry, it hurts to not use a pun here folks). But eventually it would get weird being near a dude with his pipe inside another pipe, so help would be the best option.

Thus came the scariest moment in this kids young life, having to get freed by a circular saw. It got so bad that the kids baby-maker swelled up inside the pipe causing local fire and rescuers to resort to sawing the kid out.

They eventually got him out of this situation with his tonsil tickler still attached to his body. It was still swelled up and sustained minor injuries, but overall he’s gonna be okay physically. While mentally, we’ll wait and see.

Unfortunately for this lad his hand just wouldn’t cut it and had to resort to something else. But dude, a metal pipe? C’mon man. Not only is that disgusting as hell and could initiate the outbreak of a new STD, but how would that even be enjoyable?

This has quite literally got to be the roughest experience in this kids life. Sorry, last pun.

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