Smoke Buddy

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

So we came across this story on our Down to the Wire podcast, and it probably scared any Houston listener who happens to be a stoner. Looking around carefully next time they go out to smoke, hoping they don't find fucking tiger.

In Houston, Texas a group came across a new 350lbs smoke buddy. Well, we don't know if they actually smoked with it, but would of made for a great story.

The tiger was supposedly found well-fed, resting on a bed of hay inside a cage that could be 'easily opened'.

What baffled us is how did this tiger get here in the first place, in an abandoned house, caged up and already well-fed. You can even see in the image that there's a food bowl for the big kitty.

My theory is some kid who's oddly smart and super into computer science figured out how to access the 'dark web' and came across a heading that said, 'TIGER FOR SALE', and pulled the trigger. Poor kid probably always wanted a cat, but the parents always said no. So now their kid made a plan, found a tiger and keeps it in an abandoned house. Should of just got the cat.

May not be the case, but you can't tell me there's a more logical story behind this. There has to be something odd going on, may not be the worst theory. So until we find out, I'm going to keep making up my own.


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