Sports Memorabilia, for Better or Worse

Collecting sports memorabilia is something all sports fans do. Whether it be your favourite team and having an entire room dedicated to them, just to watch them play and eat nachos in. Or having a collection of an unimaginable amount of jerseys to rep on the beach, parties and festivals. You know who you are.

However, for the more obscure sports there is less to collect for die hard fans. For instance, horse racing. The horse doesn’t wear a jersey nor does it often appear on posters. Perhaps you get a pendant from the derby or a souvenir pin but this is about the extent of the purchasable merchandise. Perhaps you can buy a ticket stub from a historical race, but again, pretty small compared to something bigger you could display. However, horse racing is more centred around the betting and the entire spectacle that is the race, rather than what you can take home as a reminder.

Some people need to have something concrete to remember it by, but that doesn’t really constitute buying a $200 jar of horse shit (yes literal horse feces) does it? “Derby Turds” are up for sale through the Old Friends Farm in Georgetown which is a retirement home of sorts for old racing horses. A jar of poop from the 1997 Kentucky Derby winner, Silver Charm, is being sold for $200. Charm is just one of the few million-dollar thoroughbreds that’s poop is being sold for considerably large amounts of money.

First of all, if you buy $200 worth of horse shit you are either a weirdo or you’re a fucking weirdo. What are you going to do with that? Put it up on the mantle of your home between your signed baseball jersey and 10 point buck’s head that you killed last fall? Show it off to guests? There is no logical answer to this question. No one wants to see your horse shit, no matter how fast the horse is or what ever it means to you. And secondly, give me all your money because you obviously don’t know how to spend it.

This is just one example of weird memorabilia you can buy from an animal racing event. The second and final strangest item I will highlight is the sale of a racing pigeon for $1.4 million last March. I know, you are probably hearing about pigeon racing for the first time as you are reading this. Now you’re probably wondering, “Who the fuck would pay that much for a fucking PIGEON?” This pigeon named Armando is said to be “the best long distance pigeon of all time”. Kind of badass though that this guy liked the wheels on this bird so much that he bought it. Who would have known that the underground pigeon racing ring was so lucrative that an investment on a bird that would be as much as a racehorse was a good idea. The more you know I guess…

What I’m trying to say after all of this is that if you are a rich person who enjoys odd racing sports as much as betting on fox hunting and underground fight clubs then you do you. However no matter how much you love it, there is better stuff to spend your money on. And if you’re running out of ideas, well, donate to


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