That's All Folks! For Now

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Lets take a moment to think about what the NBA season looked like at the start of the season;

1) Magic signs LeBron and the ‘King of L.A’ arrives

2) Sports analysts predict the Lakers making the playoffs, some predicted a deep run past the 1st & 2nd round

3) LeBron’s move to La La Land results in the anticipated Space Jam sequel

4) Anthony Davis is one of the front-runners for MVP

Let’s now fast-forward to the end of the regular season where; Magic steps down as the Lakers President, the Lakers are closer to a lottery pick than the 8th seed, and Anthony Davis wears a ‘That's All Folks!’ shirt to the last game of the season after requesting a trade in January.

This all goes to show you how much of a cancer LeBron is to a team, especially for a team like the Los Angeles Lakers where people actually give a shit about the city... Sorry Cleveland. LeBron going to L.A. was not a basketball decision but more so a business decision that was going to happen at some point, and Magic knew that. So, Magic’s most impressive move as president of the franchise was swaying LeBron to come to a city he was going to anyways, which is the equivalent of taking credit for introducing your buddy to porn when he was going to find it anyways, was just a matter of time.

So essentially Magic has done nothing, he couldn’t even make a trade for Anthony Davis when it was made clear that he wanted to go to the Lakers. But don’t take this as a roast, you tried and LeBron is the cancer, not you. Plus why are people shocked with him resigning? Some headlines are saying that he ‘abruptly stepped down’. Did people forget that back in the summer he said that if he wasn’t doing a good job he wouldn’t waste the Lakers time and resign.

So don’t act all shocked by that, what people should really be worrying about is that LeBron (a.k.a ‘The Cancer’) played us all. He showed fans this year that he doesn’t give a fuck about basketball and just cares about showing up to games holding a glass of wine and creating new shows like ‘The Shop’ and ‘Million Dollar Mile’ (which looks even worse than American Ninja Warrior, just with athletes).

Instead, LeBron cares about living the L.A. entertainment business lifestyle with Space Jam 2 also in the works. Which is completely fine, go do that Mr. James, but just do fans a favour and stop fucking up the NBA while you’re doing so.

In his show "The Shop" he had Anthony Davis appear on an episode while there were reports of him wanting a trade to the Lakers. Is this not tampering? You’re also going around asking players like Giannis to become actors and have a role in your movie when they just care about basketball and winning championships.

Players don’t care about your damn movie, not just because they know it’ll never be better than the original, but because they want championships and to focus on improving their skills on the court.

All players but one, Anthony Davis. Who wore a ‘That’s All Folks!’ shirt for his last game as a Pelican. Is this a sign of his transition to Los Angeles? Of course it is. But it can also be a sign of him being in Space Jam 2 alongside LeBron. Maybe this was all part of the plan, not only to have Davis become a Laker, but also join the Tune Squad.

The Lakers may have suffered some damage this year since LeBron joined, but while one organization loses their president another company may be taking on the benefits of the LeBron/Anthony Davis saga. The Looney Tunes may have just acquired not only LeBron in his move to Los Angeles, but also another disruptive force in Anthony Davis to join the Tune Squad.

Welp, thats all folks.


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