Tudder: Tinder for Cows

Well they say theres an app for just about anything, with almost 2 million apps available on Apple's App Store, and 2.1 million for Android users. But with there being so many its hard to create something completely new, so if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

'Tudder' is an app that is turning heads this month, and rightfully so considering that it is essentially 'Tinder' for cows. No that is not a typo, somebody made an app for matchmaking cattle.

It's inspired by Tinder, but for farmers trying to find cows or bulls to mate with their own livestock. Even one of the worlds oldest professions is keeping up with the times and following millennial trends.

How do they know when to swipe right or left? Do they base it simply off the looks of the other cows? Well yes and no. Some farmers say they can get a pretty good idea based off the picture, but you also get all sorts of background information on the animals after a match.

The app was released in time for Valentines Day (little odd, but makes sense), and currently represents approximately 42,000 animals in the UK.

The app links with a website called SellMyLivestock when you swipe right, where you can further contact the farmer to see if they are interested. Who knew that trying to find another cow to mate with yours was so hard? Or that this was an app that would be used for 42,000 animals in a week? Supply and demand I guess.


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