Turn in Your Man Card, Aaron

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

I don’t know who should be disappointed the most here, Bucks and Packers fans, the city of Milwaukee, or just any man with an ounce of self-respect. The answer is all three plus his girlfriend, Danica Patrick. He may have even just lost her to his offensive-lineman, David Bahktiari.

This video started off hot with Bahktiari slamming two beers in 10 seconds, then things took a turn when he pointed at Aaron Rodgers to follow suit…

Not only did the graphic under his name say ‘Game of Thrones Extra’ before ’NFL MVP’, as if it’s more impressive to be a nerd than the most valuable person in God’s favourite league, but he showed us why he’s worse than Brady off the field as well. Remember when Tom Brady appeared on the Late Show and showed the world that he's surprisingly great at chugging beer?

Anyways that’s just a side note, but not only is Aaron a bitch when compared to Brady, he got showed up by his offensive lineman David Bahktiari.

The part that upsets me the most is when he sticks up his finger as if we should wait for something to happen and he doesn’t even finish what he started. I understand people are slow at slugging beers, I get it, but at least finish the damn thing. Cry after the camera is turned off, your man card is on the line Rodgers.

Imagine being the guy that doesn’t finish half a beer when everyone in the arena is hyping you up… And for that reason, I’m out. I’m placing a curse on you and the Packers, Aaron.

Packers are going 6 and 10.

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