Vegetarian Diner Sells Human Flesh in Dishes

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

My mother's a vegetarian and I know she'd be very disappointed if the first time she ate meat in 30 years, it was a 61 year-old man from Bangkok.

A story coming from Bangkok says that customers found pieces of meat in their meals while eating at a vegetarian diner. However, the kicker is that the meat happened to be human flesh.

Police said that the elderly man was missing, last seen at the diner getting in a heated exchange with the owner of the restaurant. Well turns out, the owner murdered him, and attempted to pass off the body as food to get rid of the evidence. The owner then fled the scene.

While this whole story sounds completely absurd, give the man some credit...This little stunt that pulled could go down as one of the best cover ups in history. Who would of thought that the best way to get rid of a human body was to have people digest it?

It makes sense doesn't it? All the evidence is gone. By the time anyone clues in, the guys limbs are floating in some sewer as shit... it's untraceable, simply genius.

Well, until of course before anyone actually eats the body they notice eye balls instead of brussel sprouts and intestines as noodles. Then at this point those worried about ruining their vegetarian diet is secondary to 61 year-old Mr. Noodle almost entering their mouths.

My question is did this guy not remember at any point during his master plan that he owns a Vegetarian restaurant? The irony in the title of the news story alone is hysterical.

I mean maybe he could of gotten away with it if he owned a butcher shop, or his restaurant had meat on the menu. Maybe then you could have fooled a couple tourists who thought that's how meat looked in South-East Asia.

You were close buddy, almost the perfect cover up, but unfortunately its not hard to spot a chunk of human flesh in my plate. Also sounds like this guy just recently read Lamb to the Slaughter by Alfred Hitchcock, but took it to the next level.


Canoe News | Vegetarian diners discover chunks of murdered man in their food

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*Photo not from actual restaurant where incident happened*

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