Wedding Bandit

This story gives me mixed feelings but the more I think about it I keep wanting to track this person down and bow down to her.

The story goes a little something like this; a girl was preparing for the ‘happiest day of her life’ and invited her father’s best friend to the big day so he would have someone to socialize with other than his wife. It was meant to be a small wedding, so any extra additions would be a big deal.

The friend of her father asked if he could bring his daughter and her husband as well. So being kind-hearted the bride said, “Sure why not?” A decision she would soon regret. The daughter showed up to the wedding with no husband but instead 10 Tupperware containers…

She went to the buffet set-up and filled up seven containers with food, three with cookies, some bottles of beer and a couple centrepieces. Not a bad day at the office for this lady. Not only that, but the cherry on top is her gift to the newly wed, a crisp $5 bill. This lady has no soul and clearly lives with a dog eat dog mentality.

The bride found out the next day and posted a ‘shaming moment’ in the weddings Facebook page to let everyone know of the situation.

So, we begin the debate, is this a greasy or power move? Greasy being this action implies the person is a grease-bag, while power implies that this is a move of dominance, or simply a ‘power move’.

Some of you may hate this answer, but this is a power move and for several reasons. First off, if it’s a small wedding so how the fuck does no one notice this heist and say anything. Walking through the door with ten containers isn’t discreet by any means, especially when you proceed to the buffet table and fill them all with food. Only around 25 other people there and nobody could notice? You deserved to get that food stolen not just because your stupid but also what a stealthy performance by this lady.

Also, the fact that this lady had the audacity to gift a $5 bill is a ballsy move on top of the incredible heist she just pulled off. When you are already in that deep you may as well keep seeing if you can one-up yourself and make it a challenge to be the ultimate asshole.

The only beef I have with this is that this bride’s father needs to make better friends. Who the hell raises someone to think it’s okay to do that? Psychopaths, that’s who. So actually, if you want to get technical with it, it’s the bride’s fault for this fiasco. She’s the one who let her father, who clearly can’t make good choices in the friend department, bring his buddy who’s shit at raising his daughter, who further tagged along to the wedding. So really, it’s your fault Mrs. Tupperware victim.

That last part is a bit of a stretch but I’m just trying to do anything I can to make this a power move because I find this story hilarious. This girl and her fake husband should become the new Wedding Crashers, but instead hit up the food platters rather than the women.


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