My Take On Why Jason Witten Came Back

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Witten just looks like a man who eats, sleeps, and shits grit. He once caught a 53-yard reception with no helmet on without a flinch. No questions asked, just a straight football mentality when the games coming down to the wire (pun intended).

He knew he called it quits too early… Or was it part of his plan all along? This guy loves football more than a Cowboy loves a good ole 10-pace western showdown, let alone spending every Monday night with Booger McFarland and Joe Territore.

He knew he was gonna Brett Favre his retirement the whole time, he strategically planned out his return with the Cowboys, and Jerry Jones knew all along. They all knew he was getting old and couldn’t take a beating over the middle of the field like he used too.

So they gave him the year off with one condition.

That he go in the booth for a year and learn everything he can about all other 31 teams. To take advantage of meetings and interviews with players and coaches leading up to the Monday Nighter each week. Also giving him the chance binge watch film on every team during the year, instead of watching Dak throw balls in the dirt every practice.

And being a football guy, Witten saw this as a break from football by learning more football, and a chance to watch more film. I see the Cowboys are finally taking a page out of the Patriots book and taking the cheeky route to a Super Bowl run.

So if my theory stands, let’s decide. Grease or Power move on the Cowboys and Witten’s part?

Can’t knock strategic planning like that, every championship team needs to think outside the box. Plus greasy or not, it doesn’t matter because it’s hard to picture the Cowboys hoisting a Lombardi while Jason Garrett’s in town.


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